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No one save me but you

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[nick]Emilia[/nick][status]Moth[/status][icon]https://i.ibb.co/y8Vw4XM/image.jpg[/icon][zvn]Student, 14 years[/zvn][sign][/sign]

No one save me but you



city streets & after school ————————————————————————————————The girl is bullied by classmates. Her hands holding a book, hair is tousled and it seems like she about to start crying.
The first drops of rain are falling.
What will you do?

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[nick]Emilia[/nick][status]Moth[/status][zvn]Student, 14 years[/zvn][icon]https://i.ibb.co/y8Vw4XM/image.jpg[/icon][sign][/sign]

They call her Moth. They often smile and point fingers in her direction. With disgust on their faces they show her rude gestures and push her when she walks by.
It always has been.
It always will be.
It happens even today. They follow her on her way home and catch up the girl on the quiet city street. One of them, Felix, takes her bag and shakes out books on sidewalk.
Lick my boots and beg me to return your briefcase, little dirty Moth! – he laughing.
The girl bends down to pick up books and notebooks from the ground and receives a hit to the shoulder. She settles on the pavement and looks away.
She wants to cry but does’t want them to see her tears. Whatever, she can handle it. I can handle it... I just need to endure. And they will leave me... He will...
Through wet eyes she watches on grey asphalt.
The first drop falls on her face. The rain is starting.

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He was one of this guys who's called lucky, or maybe kissed by Fortune: it looked like it was obvious to him to be one of the excellent students and to have a lot of friends, to find time for everything and still keep smiling, even if everything around him was falling away. Someone hearing this could say it was a lie. Maybe so. Or, maybe, Sverre felt like he just had to be the best, to live up his origin. And in some ways it was fun.
Today was a usual day for him. Truth been told it was all planed, and over and over looking at the check list boy was feeling a little bit upset. So he didn't looked at it at all.
"Nothing bad will happen, if I don't do it", — he says himself after lessons and puts on his backpack.
Nothing bad will happen, if he is a little bit late. Nothing bad will happen, if he chooses another road than usually.
So, Sverre has never liked usual days and maybe Heaven heard him sometimes.
For this day, it could be right to say, that he should be afraid of his wishes and should think about them a little more. Because, going down the street and feeling first drops of the rain, he couldn't predict he will see this scene.
Good or bad, he wasn't that sort of people who will just continue walk by.
Hey, you!
Well, he even wasn't that sort of people who can deal with some kind of stuff using only words. Especially, that sort of stuff.
And Felix wasn't lucky one. As he turn around to see who is calling him (he guess so), he feel a hit right in his face. He shake a little, step back. Blood drained from his nose, green eyes lifted with confuse at first and then with anger.
Sverre looks at him and clechs his fist. His gaze catches a girl. No, he doesn't want to fight. Fight with a band of bastards who can just bully someone that innocent-looking — well, he can, but it sounds like it's a truly deadly thing.
But he doesn't go away.
Hah, somebody found a guard? Are you so afraid we will, like, cut your little wings? — Felix can't just calm down. Maybe, if he didn't catch a push in the shoulder from one of his friends, he wouldn't stop. But than he just bare his teeth.
Don't think, like we ended. It's just rainy! — he said before turn his back.
Of course, — mutters Sverre. It looks like it wasn't a first time. He looks at the girl and than get down next to her.
Are you alright? What did they do? — red-haired boy looks at her eyes, before starting to help picking her things.
Shit... — he swears feeling the rain getting stronger.

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[nick]Emilia[/nick][status]Moth[/status][icon]https://i.ibb.co/y8Vw4XM/image.jpg[/icon][sign][/sign][zvn]Student, 14 years[/zvn]

The girl raises her big silver eyes and looks at the boy. At first, in her eyes - disbelief and sadness, and one teardrop rolls down the cheek. But then, after several seconds, she pulls herself together and wipes wet cheek with wrist.
Thank you... I am.. okay. Alright. All will be fine. – speaks softly and puts scattered things in a briefcase.
Suddenly she touches his hand and shyly pulls her hand back.
Soon all things are collected. Just in time, because the rain is getting stronger. Raindrops fall on the hair and shoulders, the students will be wet in near future.
Emilia rises from the ground and he do the same. Girl thinks that he is about to leave.
Don’t go... please.
You saved me.
My home is near... You can wait out the rain there... if you want, – she offers modestly.

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He was helping her picking up books and other things and putting them into the backpack, but while that he couldn't stop thinking about those guys and what she had done to them to make them so violent. Maybe, they were just bastards. Maybe, they just found here as an easy prey, so they bullied her for fun.
He looks at her skinny body, at her big sad eyes, on the silver hair which now are falling at her face, hiding some details of sorrow.
It looks like that.
And it makes Sverre feel a wave of some kind of anger, but he know, that they are gone and now he and this young girl have no time for that stuff. They have to end as fast as they can. Cold drops fall on their skin, some seconds left and they probably will be frozen. And maybe they will catch a cold and won't go to school tomorrow and it will be one of the thousands of fun stories with a painful start.
She says that she is alright, but Sverre can't believe her. But he nods and smiles her friendly.
No problems, lady, — he answers.
And than for a little part of a second their hands touches and with surprise boy raises his eyebrows. But it's just a moment. And this moment is enough for Sverre to catch an embarrassment on the face of the girl. Maybe, if this situation was a little bit different, he would be smiling to her and telling something, but now he decided not to make her more confused than she was.
So they end with the scattered things just in time. Sverre rises his eyes to the dark grey skies and feel the weather is going to be worse and worse.
He hears, what the girl says knowing his parents won't be happy if he is too late. So he thinks for a little.
It sounds like a good idea. But I hope, your family won't decide to leave me right in front of the door, — he says with a smile and giggle, — But if they'll ask for my name, you can name me Sverre. And how can I name you? — asks he while start walking along the street following the girl.

[nick]Sverre[/nick][icon]https://forumupload.ru/uploads/0019/c8/05/754/964885.png[/icon][zvn] Student, 15 years [/zvn]

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